Artie Reynolds III           


Electric Bass * Keyboard Bass * Musical Director * Writer Producer


Continues to enjoy his career as a professional musician and credits his success and longevity to two simple things. "Give God the praise, first and foremost!. Second, be earnest with the music. Treat all music with love and honesty. It will come out in your playing.

That is the secret to having a great feel when you play!"

Born and raised in New York, Artie continues to work with a variety of artists and companies from a wide range of musical genres. From Jazz to Hip Hop, R&B to Gospel, he has done it.

Equally at home in any  situation his background experience includes just about everything out there.

Concert stage and television, live radio concerts, festivals and stadium/arena touring, night clubs and jazz venues, club dates/weddings and corporate events, recording sessions, even Broadway!.

"I love to play and write music!"